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Lohova Tatiana Vladimirovna, Candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of philosophy, history and law, deputy director for research, Novorossiysk branch of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (56 Vidova street, Novorossyisk, Krasnodar region, Russia),

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Background. The study of country and regional national economy development during the Great Patriotic War and in postwar decades is of interest in terms of understanding the results of the socioeconomic policy of the state that managed to rea¬lize the economic restoration objectives within the shortest possible period. The study of problems of the socioeconomic and agricultural policy at the local level provokes interest in determining the specificity of regional development in complicated conditions of the postwar period of 1940-1950s. The aim of the wark is to analyze the specificity of postwar restoration of the agricultural potential in Krasnodar region as ana element of the agricultural policy of USSR in 1940–1950s.
Materials and methods. Realization of the research objectives was achieved on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of researches, statistical materials and archives. The methodological basis included modern ideas on epistemological possibilities of application of historical research methods and principles. Of fundamental importance was to follow the principle of scientific character, realization of which became possible due to formation of a large multiprofile source base and a specially organized research process. For organization of the work structure of great importance was the principle of historicism, allowing to consider the socioeconomic condition and agricultural development in the postwar period as a phenomenon, inserted into a concrete environment, determined by the sociopolitical, economic and agricultural features of the region. Complex application of the methods allowed to adequately reflect the general direction and regional features and regularities of agricultural production functioning, as well as the providing means – agricultural workers in the period of postwar restoration.
Results. The author generalized scientific works devoted to the specificity of restoration and development of the agricultural sector of the economy in the postwar period by the example of Krasnodar region. The researcher also revealed main difficulties and success in development of the regional agricultural production.
Conclusions. Research of the problems of the Great Patriotic War is topical for the historical science. The history of the Great Patriotic War in the collective historical memory remains one of the cornerstones of the national identity, a symbol of peoples, social and age groups unity. Understanding of this circumstance causes a necessity to address the historical experience of such a tragic and heroic period, as well as to reveal the technique and specificity of determining economic and sociopolitical resources of restoration of the destroyed economy, of its transition to peace time and of modernization in short term with minimal financial and material resources.

Key words

agricultural policy, the Great Patriotic War, Krasnodar region, postwar period of 1940–1950s.

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